2021 binance Referral ID Code

What is the Binance Referral ID?

Binance Referral ID can be entered in your Binance Referral ID , and You will get 20% OFF Fees

👉 Binance LinkClick me to register
🏷 Binance Referral IDDRKZHHIP
🙌 Bonus20% OFF Fees

When conducting encrypted transactions on the Binance exchange, smart users all know the importance of the Referral ID, because it can return a lot of transaction fees and rewards when trading,
Too many users did not enter the Referral ID, so they lost a lot of currency in the transaction. This is a mistake that users often make when they first join the currency circle.
Instead of using the Referral ID, you can take a more sensible approach when registering, and fill in the ID in the field of the person who sent the Referral ID to Binance.
The provided Referral ID will immediately be a permanent transaction 20% off the handling fee for new users.

Binance Referral ID feedback

The 20% discount on the handling fee is already a huge discount rate. The more you trade, the more money you save.
In your currency trading career, the commission rebate rate you get from each transaction fee will begin to accumulate into a huge amount of money.
Many users will not do this when joining, because the Referral ID is not the default option, and they will never be able to earn a large number of transaction rewards.

How to use the Binance Referral ID?

This is the next stepTeach you how to use the Binance Referral IDFrom link to registration completion

  1. To start using the Binance network invitation registration link, please click Link to this site.
  2. You will be invited to create an account on the registration page of Binance. You will see a box labeled “Referral ID “. Here, paste the Referral ID DRKZHHIP so that your Binance account can be linked to the Referral ID program and your transactions can be activated Fee discount.
  3. Fill in The email used by the exchangeand usestrong password to protect your account
  4. Next Check Binance’s terms of service, and agree to tick
  5. Finally, after carefully checking the Referral ID, click “Create Account”, and your account can be used

Step 1. click Referral ID (Optional)

2021 binance Referral ID Step1

Step 2. click Referral ID

2021 binance Referral ID Step2

Step 3. input Referral ID -> DRKZHHIP

2021 binance Referral ID Step3

Step 4. check Referral

2021 binance Referral ID Step4

Step 5. get 20% OFF fees success

2021 binance Referral ID Step5

How to Sign Up use the Binance Referral ID (Web)?

Step 1. Use url and check Referral ID + kickback rate 20%

Click me to register

2021 binance Referral ID Web Step1

Step 2. If there is no automatic input, you can input it yourself

2021 binance Referral ID Web Step2

About Binance

It is a good idea to register a Binance pienet account with the Binance pienet Referral ID ID, because Binance pienet is currently the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange. Among all exchanges, Binance is one of the best exchanges we found in the reviews. In the future, you will see Binance trading articles on the review site.

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